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Maybe you’ve been a seeker on the path of Paganism for years, or maybe you’re just trying to find out if this is the right path for you. You may be a “solitary,” or perhaps looking for that group that feels right for you.

Well, now you’ve found it: one of Vancouver Island’s best kept secrets, the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada. The ATC was begun by a few Wiccans who wanted simply to establish a place where anyone on the path could go to celebrate the seasonal turning of the Wheel of the Year with others. It was the right idea at the right time, with the right people guiding it. The rest is history. Today, the ATC has grown into a big, extended family of accepting people, about 300 in number in the Pacific Northwest alone.

A fully recognized Wiccan Church respected by Government and other faiths has been such a successful idea that ATC has spread out and is now active and recognized as a Wiccan church throughout the English speaking world; U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and still growing.

We must be doing something right! Won’t you join us?

An affiliate of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada

Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada

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