My fiancé’s really interesting dream.

I was at the hospital, I asked the doctor on shift, “My grandfathers on both sides of my family had heart attacks. The stint that you put in, can I have that done to prevent a heart attack from happening?”

The Doctor replied, “It has not been done before, but in theory it should work. It has not been done, let alone tested on humans.”

I then asked if he could do it for me as a test. He agreed to it. Then later I was back at a doctors office and I asked if about arthritis because I have a couple joints that are going to be prone to it. I asked “what is the procedure to fix or lessen it, and can you do that before it happens so it lessens or prevents it entirely?” The doctor went on explaining the process and said it could in theory be done. So I had that done as well.

Courtenay had told me I was silly for doing all this, especially because it was not covered by my medical plan.

She died at an average age and every day I went to visit her grave. I told her what was happening and how things where going. I asked her how she was and if she missed me. I also brought her some flowers.

It was now my 300th birthday and all my living relatives were there. Some of which doing the preemptive procedures like me. It was starting to be common practice to ‘fix what is not broken, yet.” We were all having a good time eating cake, singing, and what not. I then had a speech.

“I regret only one thing in life; it is that I have lived for such a long time with out my love. I love all of you, my friends and family that are still with me. I miss my wife. I wish either she was here with me or that I was with her instead. I love and enjoy the fact I have got to meet all of you. It however is my time to go now. I am tired. Good night everyone, I love you you all deeply.”

I walked in to my bed room and closed my eyes. A young boy came in to my room and started crying. His dad came in and checked my vitals He was a doctor and a relative of mine. He exclaimed I was dead.

My body was taken to a morgue and the examiner said the cause of death was nothing like he has seen. By all rights I should be alive, however my heart was not moving, my lungs were not taking in air and there was no brain activity at all. He said it was as if I just shut off like turning off a computer.

Dieing was like closing your eyes when you are tired and as soon as they open instead of a nice warm bed I was in this place. I guess it was like an after life. There were no visual sensations. It was like what a person who was blind at birth would see. There was no colour, no shapes.

I could hear a voice. It was male. He said he was The Creator. Courtenay was there too. The voices were as if they where in your head and not out side of your body, like a thought. I felt a sensation like Courtenay kissing me.

The creator told me me I was dead and this is where souls go before they are reborn. I asked why there was just the three of us here. He said that souls are reborn after they die, but my soul was bound to her so tightly, he was touched and wanted us to see each other again before we were reborn. I asked what is the right religion. He said that no religion is right and that they are man made things. I asked which he felt was best. He said all have their good and bad points. I asked which is better. He said some say there is a soul and they are right, and some say a soul is reborn, reincarnated, and they are right. “

This is definitely an interesting dream my fiancé had. What makes it even more interesting is that he is non-religious (although he actually insisted that we get both a modern wedding and a hand-fasting done, and I am so for it, haha), and he knows very little about the religion. He himself said he was very moved by this dream he had, and that it was so vivid and realistic. If this means that he is becoming religious in any way, I do not know. But regardless, it definitely touched him, and reading it really touched me.