Divinely Guided

In today’s age it is rather hard to stay focused and grounded yet blissful and connected with the divine at the same time. We all have days where phones are ringing, we can’t get away from the computer or life just demands too much of us, in it’s many complex ways. However remaining to have trust that you are divinely guided is a task that we all must remember. Sometimes i find it helpful in the midst of daily life, to take 5 minutes and go sit outside in the grass in the sunshine, and just connect with the earth, to wiggle my toes in the blades of grass and hear the goddess alive in the earthly nature around me. Although all of us have this strong pull to want to go “home” to the cosmos, or bring that peace to the planet we are on- it is the choice we made to be here. Yes we chose our life, our parents, the struggles we endure- for it is our soul contract with the creator- for it is not about money, a perfect partner, or being safe, secure and comfortable, for that’s not what life is about. One must take risks, and although you may fall down and scrap your knees at times- it’s the lesson that makes life what it is;a beautiful mystery. For no one has all the answers but together united in all of our differences it is then we can teach each other,and all of us can ascend to our greater selves. For it is with these people who come onto our path that we learn the lessons our soul needs to learn, and although not all are pleasant experiences that can leave us feeling shaken up and left with an array of questions or painful scars, it is these people too, who teach us that we have the choice to either live in fear and illusions, or to choose a life of light and love with loving people around us. For it is when we delve in fear that we are the furthest from the divine, as it takes a back seat. So the next time your feeling stressed out, remember you are a child of the cosmos and any unlimited thinking, or put in the box type thinking can be overcome. Tear down those invisible walls- break free from the mental prison you have allowed yourself to be encumbered in and take the reins back, and know you are divinely guided, and in the safest and most loving hands there is- and it will all work out in the end how it is meant to. YES YES!