Live Love H2O

Prayer for healing the waters:

Creator of all Holy names, I hold you firmly and most faithfully in my heart.  I thank you for the power of prayer, and all the blessings that come from heart-felt loving intention to establish peace on Earth, world health, and universal prosperity.  Your LOVE resonates eternally, within each breath, through the wind and the rain, the sun and the earth.  Everything reflects your glory, your sacred geometry, your LOVE for humanity.

My blood is filled with your Living Water and the Earth beneath my feet from the food that I eat.  Your provisions uplift and heal me even during sleep.  You fill me, and celebrate me, with your liquid loving spirit.  Your Water quenches my thirst for all things, because all things are created and sustained in your Living Water.  You are the Universal Solvent, solving all pollution and problems.  Your Liquid Crystal joins my body with yours, superconducts the sound of LOVE within my heart and keeps me in harmony and cosmic unity regardless of my mental uncertainty.

Praise to you our Glorious Knig and Creative Queen of the Universe for pouring your living loving water into me and all biology.  I now affirm faithfully and forever; by decreeing my heart and LOVE are joined with yours, for the manifestation of peace, health and prosperity for all.

I pray for abundance of prospering resources, natural readily-available remedies for every ailment, perfect hydration for all life, plentiful food worldwide, and optimal health and wellness on all levels–physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally and spiritually.

I pray for general wealth, personal and social health, optimal hydration and purification.

Now I say, as you joyfully decried when you created me, “Let there be LASTING PEACE, WORLD HEALTH, AND UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY,” that we be fruitful and multiply as one people honoring you in each other, oh Creator and Sustainer.

From Mother Earth you molded me; by Grandmother Wind you inspire me;by Grandfather Sun you enlighten me; and by your Living Loving Water you baptize me.  These are your invitations to Divine Communion that I gratefully accept and celebrate this day and everyday forthcoming.

I pray earnestly, faithfully, gratefully and joyfully for a thousand years of world peace; for total health and well-being blessings everyone; for opening the floodgates to Universal Prosperity here and now; for your Musical Mathematical Matrix of Creation to inspire me and all humanity, maximally.  I affirm here and now since there is nothing missing or broken in your matrix–your Kingdom of Heaven.

So Be It Here on Earth.

~Unknown Author