Planning for 2012

First, I want to thank everyone who was able to make it out to coffee in Campbell River this week. We had some great discussion, and I appreciate your feedback and support with some ideas to make our Circle even better.

For those who weren’t able to make it, and as a recap for those who were there, I’ve been listening to feedback and asking questions of other groups to figure out how to better serve the Circle of the Sacred Muse. When I started the Women’s Circle, I did everything on my own, and so learning how (and what) to delegate has been challenging for me at times. I appreciate your patience with me as I learn and grow!

There have been requests to do more eclectic rituals instead of the ATC Full Moon ritual all the time. While the Sabbat rituals are all eclectic, we have decided to do one eclectic Full Moon ritual every quarter (i.e. 2 months of ATC Full Moon, 1 eclectic). Hopefully that will satisfy some of the need for diversity, as well as continue to provide learning opportunities for our postulants.

In addition, the ATC Full Moon ritual does leave room for personalization of the elemental calls and farewells (and of course, the working).

Each month, either after the ritual or at coffee, we will decide as a group what we would like the focus of the ritual to be. Anyone can volunteer to take on a part of the ritual, either by choosing an element to call (and personalizing the call) or taking on a part of the working, or writing parts for the eclectic rituals. The only request I have is that everyone get their piece of the ritual in to me a week ahead, so I can print out anything that needs to be printed, and make sure there is a “flow” to the writing.


It was decided that the focus of the Full Moon Ritual in January will be healing. I know we just did a ritual on healing. Many of the people who were at coffee were unable to attend, and those who did felt we can always use more healing!

Harmony offered to host the ritual at her home. The address will be posted on the website, as well as in the newsletter I will be sending out.

There was a request for each of the elemental callers to include healing animals. I have listed them below with each person’s requested element.

  • Janice – West – bear
  • Harmony – East – eagle
  • Linda – South – snake
  • Peter – North – deer
  • Phoenix – Maiden – bring items to decorate the circle and the altar. David and I will bring the tools.

For the working we will use Mary’s Healing Waterfall Meditation, and then have a Reiki/healing circle. Each person will take a turn of 3-5 minutes (depending on how many people are there!) on the massage table having everyone else directing healing energy toward them. Harmony also requested that we take one turn and send healing to Nature/Mother Earth. I’m really looking forward to my turn on the table! Smile

We also said to start thinking about what we would like to do for Imbolc. Phoenix has offered to do the main writing/coordinating. Imbolc is about new beginnings, the planting of seeds while everything still looks barren. There is information on the Sacred Muse website under “Celebrations > Imbolc” for anyone who would like to read more.

Please email any ideas you have for Imbolc. Traditionally we have made Brigid’s crosses at this time, though it is totally up to the group what you would like to focus on.

If you have any questions, please let me know!