Mission Statement

Who we are and what we do.

Our mission is to meet the spiritual needs of the Pagan community of northern Vancouver Island by providing education, worship, environmental stewardship, fellowship, and a safe environment for self-expression and development.

Grow Spiritually and share your beliefs with your whole family in a comfortable, friendly community that’s been around in the US since 1979, and in Canada since 1993 and still growing strong. These children are the future of our proud Pagan heritages and the many newer modern Pagan traditions.

ATC-C is structured as a Wiccan church, but we consider ourselves an open, inclusive Interfaith Church of Earth Religion, and respect the many choices available to seekers today. We are oriented toward serving the larger Pagan community. We have never required someone to sponsor or vouch for another to participate in any activity.

We do have some internal hierarchy for organizational stability, but we work pretty much by consensus. One thing we don’t do is fight with each other. We don’t take kindly to folks who are into playing power-over games or are addicted to conflict and uproar, so we quietly take those aside and explain what is expected for them to remain a part of the ATC extended family. While a few of them may leave, in our experience, the majority choose to change their negative behavior and stay. In either case, all ATC-C members have benefited.

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