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Please contact Mary regarding any of the services for questions and setting up a date and time to meet. Contact information located on the Contact page.

Full Moon Worship Service. On the Saturday closest to the full moon, our service honouring the Goddess as Mother of Us All is held at various locations in Courtenay and Campbell River.

Sabbat Celebrations. On the Sunday closest to the Sabbat (one of the eight festivals that mark the turning of the year), we gather with our families to celebrate. These are potluck events held at various locations in Courtenay and Campbell River, and children are definitely welcome!

Handfastings. In times long gone, our ancestors did not have formal clergy nor laws concerning the contract of marriage. Marriage was entered into as a simple agreement between the parties, acknowledged occasionally only by some simple public ceremony, such as the jumping of a broom after exchanging vows. Often, this exchange was for an agreed upon limited period, after which it might be renewed, or perhaps not.

In these modern times, things are much different. We have the benefit of clergy. A legal union can only be formalized by recognized clergy, or a marriage commissioner under British Columbia’s existing law. Yet there may, from time to time, be situations where the parties wish to unite in an informal union, in the sight of the Gods only, and not according to law for good and valid reasons.

Although the traditional name of Handfasting is still used, today it may be a legally binding marriage, or just an informal agreement sanctified by the Gods alone and not the state.

Rites of Passage. The Circle of the Sacred Muse can provide facilities and clergy to solemnize all of the usual Rites of Passage, from Wiccaning the newborn, Passage to Adulthood, Handfasting, Handparting, Croning, and Passing Over.

Counseling. There are times in everyone’s lives when we struggle to find meaning, purpose and wholeness. Or just some help sorting things out. Counseling services are available through the ATC’s trained clergy to help you or a loved one break free from the grip of life’s burdens, hardships and confusions.

Worship. Everyone is welcome in our circles – no commitment needed. Come, celebrate life with us. Experience the authentic love and true acceptance of our church, as one big family. Our community is family friendly, and ranges from singles to couples with small children through seniors, all getting along – as close to “perfect love and perfect trust” as you’re ever likely to get. Many of us also belong to other, smaller groups as well.

Study. Learn more about your chosen path through our clergy and rituals. Even study for formal ordination as clergy at ATC’s Woolston- Steen Theological Seminary, authorized to grant theological degrees by the state. More on that at The Wiccan Seminary Website.

Socialize. We meet for informal “Coffee Cauldrons” on the second and fourth Monday of every month. In addition, the Mother Church, the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, holds several annual festival gatherings, such as Spring Mysteries (Eostre weekend every year), and Hekate’s Sickle (right after Samh’ain every year). Check the ATC Calendar at their website.

Children and Families. There are several activities that are youth oriented and inclusive. Busy lives and endless commitments can pull a family in many directions – ATC is one way to keep your family values and spiritual goals in focus. Coming soon: SpiralScouts, our youth group for boys and girls.

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